Filmaka’s Pitch Competition
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Digital Rights Group (DRG), a leading distributor of content in the UK, has signed a development deal for the television comedy series Blowout with Filmaka members Michael Kinney and Max Herholz. They were discovered through Filmaka's Hard Times competition, which DRG sponsored. Now, fresh from that success, DRG is pleased to offer another opportunity for Filmaka members to have their ideas heard. They are partnering with Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), Canada's national public broadcaster. This time, the competition is . . . to invent a competition. 
Send us a pitch for a reality or game show you think might be the next international craze - the next Deal or NoDeal, Dancing With the Stars, or The Weakest Link. We'll fund five of them to be turned into pilots, and those pilots will be considered by professional television development executives. If they think you've got what it takes, they may approach you about further development. If not, you'll all be voted off the island. Your pitches must be uploaded to Filmaka by 24:00 on Sunday, January 24th, 2010.
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Re:Filmaka’s Pitch Competition
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Televisieformatmaatschappijen hebben wat omgang met rechten van hun creatieve bronnen betreft blijkbaar nogal wat bedenkelijke overeenkomsten met platenmaatschappijen:

3. Grant of Rights. By uploading a Short for any Competition, you hereby grant to the
Company the following rights (the "Rights"):
a. an exclusive license for the License Period of all rights in the Short and all underlying
material thereto, including, without limitation, the exclusive, worldwide right to exploit,
sublicense, and assign the Short and all ancillary and derivative rights thereto in all media
now known or hereafter devised in any and all languages (the "Exclusive Rights")
including the right to permit such Short to be posted and viewed by third parties on the
Company's website;
b. a twelve‐month option (the “Option”) commencing from the date which is the final
date for submission of Shorts for the Competition for which your Short was submitted
(the “Option Period”) to acquire the Exclusive Rights, including without limitation all
rights protected under Section 106 of the Copyright Act, to such Short in consideration
for the compensation, if any, payable under Paragraph 7. This option shall be deemed to
have been timely exercised by the Company unless Company sends an email notice to you
prior to the expiration of the Option Period notifying you of Company’s decision not to
exercise the Option.
c. if a pilot and/or series is produced based upon the Short, then for a period of twelve
(12) months commencing with the date such pilot and/or series is ordered or for a period
of twenty four (24) months if six (6) or more episodes of a series are produced, you grant
Company a right of first negotiation with respect to any other project you have or develop
during such period.
d. the right in perpetuity to use your name, address, voice, statements, biography,
photograph, image and other likenesses without any further consideration, in any
medium, including, without limitation, in still photos, film, video, television, radio and
the internet, and in any publicity carried out by Company or any of its related entities,
insurers, promotions companies and service providers, unless prohibited by law.
e. during the License Period and in perpetuity if the Option is exercised, the right to
change, add to, take from, translate, reformat or reprocess the Short in any manner
Company may in its sole discretion determine. To the fullest extent allowable under any
applicable law, you hereby irrevocably waive or assign to Company your so‐called
“moral rights” or “droit moral.” If under any applicable law the above waiver or
assignment of “moral rights” or “droit moral” is not effective, you agree to exercise such
rights reasonably and in a way that will not have a material adverse affect upon any other
individual or upon Company’s exploitation of the Short.
f. In addition, Filmaka has a first opportunity of good faith negotiation to represent any
Member who is a Semi‐Finalist or Finalist of any Filmaka Contest for management and/or
agency representation worldwide, subject to any third party obligation by such Member.
The terms of the Company’s management agreement are available at the Company’s

Kortom, zelfs al had ik een goed idee zou ik het niet doen.



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Re:Filmaka’s Pitch Competition
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Zoals Morph al aangeeft zitten er wat haken en ogen aan de voorwaarden. Iedereen moet natuurlijk zelf weten wat hij of zij doet, maar ik zou dit aan me voorbij laten gaan. Daarom gaat dit draadje op slot.